GG_NatureFarm01Nature Farm

“We use Everything But the Oink”

Nature Farm represents the founding activates of the Gibby Group. While the name has changed, we have provided quality meat products and high health swine genetics for nearly 70 years! Today we distribute our world-class meats through Yosemite Meats and Newsham Hybrid (USA) Inc. Nature farm produces thousands of pigs annually annually with targeted weights varying from 20 to 270Lbs.

At Nature Farm, Animal Heath and Bio Security are our priority! Nature Farm is located in southern Idaho, far from the swine dense regions of the United States providing a perfect location for maintaining the high health necessary for today’s swine producers. Nature Farm raises genetically superior swine. It has a state-of-the-art swine operation that has instituted progressive technology for feeding, ration formulation, and welfare-friendly breeding and swine housing, utilizing various feed products.

Our unique traceability, and automated feeding and welfare programs allow the hearts from our hogs to be used in the leading heart values sold internationally though Partners like Medtronic and SDK Laboratories.