GG_IFS01Milk Procurement and Supply

Innovative Food Solutions purchases and markets millions of pounds of milk each day from dairy producers in Utah and Idaho. We market milk to Yogurt and Cheese processors in the western USA. We supply contracted milk or spot milk and regularly buy and sell cream, and milk powder on behalf of its customers.

IFS and its sister affiliate Carne 1 “touch” hundreds of regional dairies each day. These customers purchase products from us such as whey co-products. We pride ourselves on personal care for our Dairy Producers, and the plants we serve, providing a personal touch to their unique needs.

Animal Welfare
IFS is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of the animals in our care and influence. IFS is a part of the National Dairy Farm Animal Care Program (FARM Program). We staff a certified auditor. The FARM program provides consistency and uniformity using best practices in On-farm animal care and quality assurance though a nation–wide verifiable program.