GG_Carne03Co-Product Management

 “Turning Problems into Profits, by Solving Food Production Issues with Technology and Innovation”

Carne I focuses on several key service areas:

    • Acquisition, sales, marketing agricultural Co-Products (traditional processor food waste) for fertilizer, Feed, and Food.
    • Disposal of waste products using sustainable EPA approved methods
    • Plant engineering for proper waste and by-product management
    • Reducing feed costs to Dairy and Pig Producers using nutritionally balanced rations with the use of Co-Product streams

Carne services are implemented with a variety of companies with two objectives in mind:

    1. To utilize their products to the best economical advantage.
    1. Use ecologically friendly, and where appropriate EPA approved disposal methods.

Carne provides mission critical services to a variety of production facilities, working 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We remove and market hundreds of semi loads of product each day in several states. Marketing thousands of tons of products per day throughout the Continental United States!

We have nutritionists and engineers available to provide a complete program for feeding alternative feeds as well as developing systems for utilization of plant production co-products.

When Greek Yogurt is made there are 9lbs. of milk to 3lbs. of yogurt!